Delay Is Not Denial!

Quite new to this thing, though I believe in my love for writing and editing (lol), and of course in God to make each series as interesting as possible as my intention is never to bore anyone. So sit back, relax and grab something from each post….

In this series, we would be looking at some reasons why our breakthroughs would seem delayed, but be rest assure that with God it’s never denied.

  1. TO HUMBLE YOU: Deut 8:1- 5. If you relate with the children of Israel, during their sojourn in the wilderness from the time of ‘the exodus’ to ‘the promised land’, you’ll see that as stubborn and strong hearted as they where. God was trying to teach them humility. They did not fully understand and as a result, God had to take them through a journey of 40 days for 40 years, they still possessed lots of negative characters that God was trying to cut way from them. Relate this to your present situation or challenges and trials,  it may be that God hasn’t blessed you yet because if He does, you may then take the glory for yourself rather than ascribe it to him, perhaps you still have your wings of pride, disobedience, impatience etc, that ought to be trimmed for you to enjoy your blessings to the fullest. Remember GOD RESISTS THE PROUD, BUT GIVES  MORE GRACE TO THE HUMBLE. When next you face some cases of delay, its not the time to trade blames, rather you should take out time to seek God if there is something He wants to teach you, or if you have even begun to cultivate pride. Remember God had already promised us a greater later end, and He’s never broken His promises, He won’t start with you, He only wants to humble you. REMAIN BLESSED!

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