Tuning Into The Right Frequency

Hello guys, it must have been ages I blogged about something serious, and I’m sure you guys missed me a lot.

Hey, just kidding here. I mean, who even noticed I was gone anyways? But it’s good to have me back!!!Smile

Well, you must have heard this saying before “You need to be connected to the right source for your breakthrough to occur”. In case you haven’t heard it before, all thanks to me Open-mouthed smile. And here’s just a little thought to support that notion: a magnet has two (2) sides (a positive and a negative side). If you bring the positive side of a magnet close to the positive side of another magnet, the repulsion would be so great that it could almost destroy a universe Winking smile. Same thing happens for the negative sides of a magnet. You can stand to think about what happen when the positive side of a magnet is brought close to the negative side of another magnet.

The same thing happens to you in real life. If you are tuned in (as in connected) to the right people, jobs, businesses, locations, and even churches, you are bound to get endless positive results.

As we all know, negativity is like a cloak that covers its real intent in an individual, until the negative results surfaces.

May I say that the tuning process begins from the mind, before it actually projects to reality? In the layman’s term, “Positivity is key to attraction”. You tend to attract what you think. So if you want to attract the good stuffs around you, think about good stuffs. A single positive thought can overshadow 99 negative thoughts.

Well, I’d better end this blog here, so I’ll have something to blog about in my next blog post.

Till we meet again.


McDaniels Okoro

Your Life Success Coach

BB Pin: 30D5C532


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