Give Customers Valuable Services And You’ll Have Them Coming Back For More

Hello bloggers and readers alike, I’ve been really busy doing a lot of stuff, that I wouldn’t want to discuss in this blog. About three weeks ago, I was driving out with my parents to church. We had to take the expressway to avoid any hassles that would be caused if we decided to take through town (the traffic and all). We were running low on gasoline, so we stopped by at a gas station along the expressway to get a refill. Just after purchasing the gasoline, we were about driving out, when a guy approached us and said his boss asked him to inform us that the wheel of the vehicle is having a fault and needs to be maintained. When we asked him how he knew, he said it was due to the sound the wheels were producing.

So, we pulled into the servicing section of the gas station and there we were waiting and watching as the mechanic went about his job, doing what he knew how to do best. When he was done with the fixing, my dad asked him to do some wheel balancing, which the mechanic did. We drove off happily as we had that feeling of satisfaction from that singular act of the mechanic.

Well, same thing applies to your business or whatever it is you currently do. Are you a customer service representative, or a sales representative or a marketing specialist? Once thing you should strive for is to make sure you satisfy your customers in every possible way and you’ll find out that they might ask for what they didn’t bargain for and definitely have them coming back for more of your services, because they can’t wait to be served by you.

To your success.


McDaniels Okoro

Your Life Success Coach


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