An Illustration Of A Dream And Focusness

Consider this scenario:

You are walking along the way, with your eyes on a target, eyes on the goal, all serious-minded, like your whole life depended on your movement. Let’s say, your goal is to get to a particular spot or location along the way you’re walking on. And on your way to the target, you decided to close your eyes for a minute and see if you can still get to the target object or location. You’ll discover that your vision of the target in your mind is no longer in sight, and whatever comes your way you’ll accept it.

What becomes of you?

You surely would miss your target. Just for the simple fact that the moment you close your eyes to say you still want to achieve your goal of getting to the target point, you have already lost your focusness and begun to thread on a different path. If proper care is not taken, you might even bump into an object and face more deadly obstacles, because you do not know what is right in front of you.

But, the moment you open your eyes, you realize that you have missed out on the target, and have gone way beyond your target. You can retrace your steps back and continue in the right track towards achieving your set target. The same thing applies to real-life setting of goals.

If you set your goals and you are pursuing them, make sure you don’t lose sight of your goals by chasing other things that are of less importance/priority, before you chase the ones with a higher priority, because you might just fall out of the way, and embrace those things that you feel are worth your time, whereas they are mere distraction.


McDaniels Okoro

Your Life Success Coach


2 thoughts on “An Illustration Of A Dream And Focusness

  1. Well said! Staying focused is the most important thing toward achieving a goal. I use to have a habit of chasing after things that seemed more appealing. They would take me away from my ultimate goal. Now, I stick with the course; I stay on track. Staying on track of my original plan is what helps me accomplish my goals.

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