The Rebranding Process of the Eagle

The Eagle is considered to be the strongest bird of all the species of birds. What makes it the strongest? Is it because it can pick up a Lion with its talons? (Just an exaggeration) Or is it that it can knock off a rock with its beak (Impossible is it). All these qualities, though impossible, is what makes the Eagle what it is. With an amazing eyesight, that it uses to spot preys from up in the air, far above the height any bird can ever dream of soaring to.

But the Eagle in all of its awesomeness, goes through a painful process. A process that it must go through if it has to be in existence……

An Eagle has a lifespan of 30 years. After that 30 years elapses, the Eagle has to make one of two decisions: To die or continue living. Well, if it chooses the first, that’s the end of the game of that Eagle. But if it chooses the later, it takes a very terrible but important decision. A decision that leaves the Eagle living for some more years. What is that decision?

When the Eagle ages, it loses its dignity as the strongest bird, as its Talons become too weak to pick up its preys from the ground……


Its Beaks become bent, that it cannot use it effectively anymore……


And its Feathers sticks to its chest, that it becomes so heavy, making flight very difficult….


The Eagle then goes up a mountain, to its nest……

Up there, it scrapes its beak against a rock, thereby removing the old beak……

It also scratches the rock, to remove the old Talons for new ones to grow……

After those two processes, it then knocks off the old-aged feathers for new ones to come out……

It’s a painful process though, but the Eagle knows it has to undergo the process for it to continue living……

The process takes about 5 months to complete. Thereafter, the Eagle spreads its new wings and takes its first and most powerful flight……


It becomes stronger, its Talons become magnificent, its Beaks as sharp as ever, and its Wings as strong as the wind, and it can soar higher than it used to, before its choice to undergo the painful process. The Eagle lives for an additional 30 years.


What you are passing through right now is only a process that would be temporary. Moreover, what would determine how strong you would be in the end is dependent on the choices you make, the decisions you have to take and the moves you must play towards your coming out renewed and refreshed. Like the choices presented to the Eagle, in your situation or business or all aspect of life, there are always two choices. “Do it” or “Don’t do it”. Whichever one you choose would justify your end. Either your story becomes worse or you tell your success story.

Everyone has to go through that painful process, at some point in time in this life. You are either going through that process now, or you are no way near it or you are on your way towards it.

If you are in it, maybe you are at the verge of giving up. Don’t you dare give up on your dreams! Hold on tight to your aspirations and go all the way towards achieving them, because you are almost there.

If you have not gotten there yet, prepare adequately for it because it must surely come (a stage where you face endless challenges and oppositions).

“Challenges are meant to make us stronger

“When I look at my situation, I see it as a mere encouragement, that a greater tomorrow awaits me, and you should too – McDaniels Okoro”

I hope I have been able to stir up your courage and build you up? If you feel I have, share this blog post and the blog address with your friends and family.

Until next time.

(A symmetry boggles over a snag.)


McDaniels Okoro

Your Life Success Coach


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