Don’t You Dare Give Up On Your Dreams

Hello Reader,

You know, it’s a common thing and a very good practice to have dreams and I’m pretty sure we all have dreams and aspirations that we hope to accomplish someday, either sooner or later in life. I guess you will have no choice than to agree with me. From the young lad with a cup of vanilla ice cream in his hand, walking downtown with his mama – I can almost hear him tell his mama i want to own a multi-million dollar manufacturing company someday, as he passes by a multi-million dollar structure, to the orphan who has lived in an orphanage home all his life, but plans to own a streak of houses, businesses and exotic cars, ranging from the Limousine, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, May Bach and all of those luxurious cars (which can actually be yours if you dream big enough and plan towards them). Those are really big dreams. But just having those dreams will not bring them into being. You have to act towards accomplishing those dreams, and bringing them to reality. Here’s a quote that came into my mind while I was brainstorming for ideas on what to write next for my blog.

“Until your dreams become your inner-vision, you are not a step close to achieving them – McDaniels Okoro”

What do you see when you close your eyes? Do you see darkness or you are able to picture what you really want to achieve in a couple of weeks, or months, or years to come? If you cannot get your dreams to come into the limelight of you inner-self, you know those little voices in your head that keep whispering to you (it will not work, it cannot be done, those are really too big to accomplish), they would keep on telling you that you are not worth the excellence pursuit.

Here is something you might already know (and if you didn’t until now, well thank God for me Smile). Every human being use only about 10% of their brain, until they die. So what happens to the remaining 90%? Does it go to waste or get flushed down the drain? Absolutely not! The brain’s capacity is just being under-utilized due to ignorance, in the sense that if we come to a realization and we really discover that we can actually harness the remaining 90% of our brain’s capacity, there would be no limit to what we can actually do in this life and with this life. Another reality, there is no limit when it comes to dreaming. You create your dreams personally. And what you create is what you have decided to set out to accomplish. So why then would you want to settle for less? I’d like to say that dreams set the pace for your life. Your dreams are like driving forces, that continues to push you into doing things that would be considered abnormal or crazy by other people, just because they are just not seeing what it is you are seeing in your mind’s eye.


If you are just dreaming and dreaming and dreaming and doing nothing about those dreams, and hoping that someday some miracle’s going to happen. Perhaps, someone is going to hand you a check of $500,000,000 so you can build that multi-million dollar structure and start offering something to the world, well I’m here to tell you that you are mistaken and I can boldly say that things like that are what makes people give up on their dreams. Why do they give up? After waiting for so long a miracle to be manifested, they lose all hope and begin to listen to that evil voice and negative self-talks in their head telling them “I told you so, it’ll never happen, you would never be able to achieve anything, you just wasted all those years in dreaming fruitlessly, what has your life become now after those dreams? Where are those dreams now?” and all sort of negative self-talks. You find those individuals worse than before they even dared to dream.

Dreams do not just come into play. There must be some level of Commitment on your part. Of course, that involves you Believing that the dreams you have acquired in your heart are accomplishable, no matter how big they are. You begin to nurture it/them with and through your Belief System, and you Dedicate your totality towards making the dreams a reality. Your dreams should be able to Interrupt you from whatsoever you are doing wrongly (in other words, your dreams should act as a Guide and Guard to your future). You must also remember to set Goals towards achieving the dreams. Your dreams are your vehicle to the future, but the goals you set are the steering in that vehicle (could be 1 or 2 or multiple goals as opposed to a real vehicle).


Here’s one quote that inspires me so much:

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday – Eleanor Roosevelt”

So what are your dreams? To be the greatest entrepreneur that will ever live? It is possible if you tell yourself so! Do you dream constantly of addressing the President of the United States of America? Start working towards it.

Final thought for you! If you plan to be a great man or a great woman, that would only come to fruition, if you decide to start acting on your dreams today. Don’t just sit down hoping for a change to come your way. You must do something! Get yourself involved and the change you so desire will come to you.


DREAM BIG FOR BIGGER RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. If what you have read so far has touched your life, why not share with others?

To your success!

McDaniels Okoro

Your Life’s Coach


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