Who is a Good Leader and How Do I Know One?

In my previous blog, I tried to specify majorly what makes prospect join your MLM business, and I made you understand that prospects join your business or agree to use you products because of the leader they perceive you to be.

Today, I’ll be explaining what qualifies a person as A Good Leader. Now, over to the topic of today. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

A Good Leader is an ordinary person, doing extraordinary activities/things, and achieving extraordinary results, rejoicing in them extraordinarily.

There are leaders and there are good leaders. How you classify them depends solely on the kind of things they do and involve themselves with.

Before I’ll attempt to define the term “LEADERSHIP”, let me first try to establish a link with the acronym “L.E.A.D.E.R”. I’m pretty sure after the full acronym of “L.E.A.D.E.R” you would strive hard towards becoming a LEADER yourself. Ok, with that being said, let’s take a look at what “L.E.A.D.E.R” means:

LA Good Leader is one who Learns constantly, acquiring every available knowledge he/she can get their hands on. Leaders are meant to be great readers, for the sole purpose of coaching others. Leaders learn, to teach others, so that those who they teach can come to a position of leadership and would be able to teach others the same way they were taught. This is a continuous process. More like an inheritance stuff, because the same set of information you acquire is what you would want to pass on to others.

EA Good Leader is one who constantly Empowers others. He is one whom the masses look up to both in times of need, pain, when everything seems tough and during global economic melt-downs. Who do you find yourself running to when all doesn’t seem well? Take a good and a closer look at that person’s personality, for there must be some sort of magnetic traits in that person, that constantly attracts and drags you to him/her. It could be the person’s positive habits, of always seeing the good side to every bad situation or the way the person disentangles himself/herself from every feeling of fear or negative self-talks, or you just name it.

AA Good Leader is meant to Anticipate a change in the market, which could be from their area of expertise to areas that are really of no relevance to them. That is to ascertain their level of commitment towards studying in all levels of live. Here you would find an Engineer studying the history of Sales/Marketing or a Software Engineer studying books on Fine Art, and can mostly be more knowledgeable than those whose field it is, that the leader is taking up as a secondary subject. I once had an Accountant friend – I’ll name him Steve (for some reasons). This guy got so enthusiastic about Computer Science that all my colleagues were wondering why this guy never studied Computer Science. Even as knowledgeable as I was in my Information Technology field, I still went to this guy for some tips about what he does and how he does it (And of course, Steve comes to me too, because I was knowledgeable to a great extent ;)). I got thinking constantly, because Steve’s knowledge in the use of computers was so great, that you could almost say he’s more knowledgeable than 90% of people who were supposedly Computer Scientist at that time. That’s how you know someone who would become a good leader. It’s in how they commit to things that are slightly relevant to what they actually want to be doing with their time. How committed are you, in whatever you have decided to do? Your commitment (to your business or job or whatever) is tantamount to your level of success in that thing. Take Albert Einstein for example. He was told several times that he was going to fail at what he was working on (the electric bulb). But regardless of what people said – all the mockery and the “it-will-not-happen” talks, he remained true to his target and was committed to it day and night, that he saw 999 failures as 999 ways not to make a light bulb. That’s a leader. Kudos to you Einstein! Open-mouthed smile

DA Good Leader must Direct all of his/her efforts towards proffering a solution that would bring about a balance in their lives and society alike. That is, after discovering a problem or a change in the society or industry that would be problematic for their followers, they should come up with some strategies, that would help their followers bypass the problems easily, without losing their integrity in the process.

EA Good Leader is Enthusiastic about change and what they currently do. Do you want to know if someone’s a leader? Look at what they are enthusiastic about. Just as passion drives any human being who succeeds at whatever they set-out to do, so also does Enthusiasm drive great leaders into being the kind of people they desire to be in whatever industry they belong to. Enthusiasm and Passion are like fuel for a vehicle. Without those qualities, there is stagnancy, and you find out the lack of those qualities runs from top-to-bottom, runs from leader-to-followers.

RA Good Leader Reassures hope to all who are connected to them in one way or the other. When all hope seems lost for your followers, what do you do as A Good Leader? Do you go about rubbing your followers in the face saying “I told you so”? Or do you constantly tell your followers that all would be well, and encourage them not to give up? Whatever the case may be, know this one fact: “Your followers are looking up to you and you should set an example for your followers to follow”.

Having said all of that, A Good Leader must know how to set goals that have deadlines, and they must be willing to commit to their goals and able to meet up with the deadlines.

Here is what I said about becoming a LEADER in a nutshell:

A Good Leader must Learn about all it takes to Empower others, and should Anticipate changes in the marketplace and Direct all his efforts/attention towards proffering a solution that he would commit to and develop some Enthusiasm for, which when read by others, Reassures them of their lost hopes ”.

As A Good Leader, I would advise you to lay the pages of your life on a tablet of gold, for all of your followers to assess. Let them analyse the pitfalls that you fell into and avoid them, and pick up your success stories as a source of motivation for them to advance in the industry.

I’ll define the LEADERSHIP in my next blog. Do endeavour to check back constantly for updates on my blog. And of course, if you think this information has been most helpful to you, do not be selfish with the information. Share it with your friends through email or whatever social platform you choose.


McDaniels Okoro


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