Just Do It!!!

Dear Reader,

I’d like to challenge you with this blogpost.

Several years ago, with the introduction of blogs, and the advancements in the blogging industry, and the success stories of people who claimed they have been blogging for years and have been making a living out of blogging, I once thought to myself “well, I think blogging it’s for individuals with super-human abilities”, or perhaps “for individuals with two heads or two sexy brains sitting on top of each other”. But from my story, I’ll prove to you that blogging is truly, truly for all that can read and write (even if you can’t read and write effectively, then write the gibberish and publish it – don’t tell the masses I told you so, ‘cos your career is on the line here Winking smile).

Blogging, blogging, blogging!!!

This complex but simple to use tool for anyone wanting to get an online presence. Years back, when I first heard the terms “blog”, “blogging”, “blogpost”, I got really confused – the same way I suppose most new bloggers out there are confused like I used to be some 4 years ago. I read about a success story of a Caucasian male, who made constant income from the internet through his blog, and I just shook my head in disdain and unbelief. “Was it even possible”? That was the question that popped into my head way back then. Well, to cut the long story short, in order not to bore you, I tried creating my first blog after reading the success story of that man. I took all the necessary steps, which involves signing up for a blogging account – Blogpost at that time, creating and designing your blog layout, writing your posts and publishing them. But it was a complete flop and I was now able to confidently say it doesn’t work blues and reggaes (I don’t know what that means, but please don’t report me to the blogging community – I’m just a new blogger Smile with tongue out). But after a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng, and I mean a really lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng period of time, just a few days ago, to be precise, I decided it was time to move forward and get an online presence as I have been spending some time in developing my writing and speaking skills, through the new business that I went into. I wrote my first hit blog titled “Why Do Prospects Join Your MLM Business – Is It Products Or Compensation”. You should check it out, if you have not got the chance to read it. Very inspiring, for new Network Marketers out there, even for experienced Network Marketers and those still thinking about getting involved in the industry.

Here’s the key to what motivated me into developing my blog (I guess you must have figured that out by now) – Just Do It!!! I just did it. I just had to write what was on my mind and publish it. Trust me, that step alone was the gateway to other ideas.

I have been procrastinating till tomorrow, what I would have done right now and feel more at ease than unrest. You know, whenever I see or hear the word procrastinate, the word “castrate” always comes to mind too (that’s used to be like 80% of my day), now that I am currently dealing with procrastination seriously.

I want to give you a task. Whenever the word, or the thought of procrastination comes into your mind, put in castrate there as well. And of course you know what it means to be castrated. Castration in the sense that your dreams would be separated from your mind, if you think of procrastinating what you should be doing now and getting results till tomorrow, when it might be too late.

Here’s what I had to do. I had to deal with most things from my life, that if left untouched would mar me completely, in order to create this blog and write the posts herein. I may be repeating them for emphasis:

1. My unbelief system changed drastically and yours too, should!

2. I had to just do it!!! I had to just start writing. As you know, practice makes perfect. This may not be a perfect blog, but trust me the best of me would soon be uncovered.

3. Develop some self-confidence of letting people know just what it is that I harbour in that small but mighty thing called “brain”.

4. Publish them! I know some of you must have been writing a lot of articles and posts, I want you to just do it! Just publish them. That’ll take a level of commitment on your part.

5. Procrastination, the number one dream-killer!

At this my current level, I can boldly say, that I’m just having fun expressing myself freely on my blog (it’s my blog, not yours! Smile with tongue out), and you should do too.

Thanks for reading this blogpost, and I really do hope it has touched you or inspired you in some way. If you feel it has, why not share it with your friends and family? Looking forward to having you read my next post.


McDaniels Okoro


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