Why Do Prospects Join Your MLM Business–Is It Products Or Compensation?

Many new distributors for Network Marketing companies are so caught in the gap. They are confused, thinking that when prospects join their businesses (if they ever succeed in recruiting anyone to join their business), it’s because the company really has something so great to offer to them. So they go about from pillar to post, telling and trying to convince whoever they meet about their company’s compensation plan and how awesome their products really are. Whereas in the real sense, all of those doesn’t really matter to prospects. It really is of no use bugging prospects with your compensation plan, when they don’t know “Jack” about what it’s all about. Most of them do not even know what “compensation” means. Winking smile Most prospects have forgotten more than they will ever know, concerning your so-called Network Marketing plan. That’s why we have a lot of people out there getting so confused as a result of information overload. They do not know where else to turn to, what else to do. And if you as a Network Marketer tries to add to their irrelevant information-database, you might just as well kiss that prospect goodbye.

Now I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t try talking to anyone about your fantastic business opportunity, neither am I trying to be so hard on you or whatever (after all you’re looking for your first 5 people who would make your MLM business work – if you are a new distributor and have not signed up anyone yet – and who knows if you might just be my next recruit Open-mouthed smile). What I want to emphasize on is the fact that prospects get really frustrated when you try to sell to them what they don’t think they really need at that point in time that your opportunity came up.

The truth in reality is this, and it might shock you to know the truth “Prospects do not join your MLM company because of your great products that are kicking asses, neither would they join your MLM company because of your one-in-a-million compensation plan”. Did I get to you just yet? Believe it or not, the truth remains the truth and there is nothing you can do about it.

So what do I really mean by prospects do not join your MLM company because of your products or your MLM compensation plan? You might be thinking to yourself now “why then do prospects sign up in any MLM company?” I’ll give you the answer to that one question that always raises concern in the MLM industry.

Prospects get join your MLM company because of YOU!!!

Position yourself as a good leader that they can always look up to for whatsoever challenge they are facing and provide the solutions to their very problems, thereby creating satisfied prospects. That way, when they are satisfied, it’ll make them want to know what it is your company has to offer, without asking a lot of questions.

In my next blog, I would be telling you what it is that makes you a good leader, that prospects would always want to work with you.

If you have found this blog helpful in one way or the other, ensure you pass this site on to others you think might be interested in the valuable information you just read.


To your success.

McDaniels Okoro


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